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Convergence de deux civilisations Recherche sur les travailleurs chinois en France pendant la Première Guerre mondiale(Édition Française)

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    Xu Guoqi
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    History / Social sciences
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Interrelated Civilizations: Chinese Laborers in France during World War I (French Edition) Recommendation More than 100,000 Chinese peasants went to work in France after the outbreak of World War I. Though arranged to go there by Chinese, French and British governments, they suffered untold hardships there. The book makes an introduction to their life and work in France. It could be used as textbooks for university students and also as reference materials for people engaged in research into this segment of world history. About the Author Xu Guoqi, born in Zongyang of Anhui, is a Ph.D of History Department of Harvard University. He is now associate professor at the History Department pf Kalamazoo College USA. As a famous scholar in the Western study of China’s international history, he has produced many works, major ones including Olympic Dreams: China and Sports, 1895-2008, published by Harvard University Press in April 2008); China and the Great War:China's Pursuit of a New National Identity and Intemationalization (English edition published by University of Cambridge Press in 2005 and Chinese editioin published by Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore in 2008); and America Foreign Policy History (co-author) published by People's Publishing House in 1991). At present he is engaged in researching into writing Interrelated Civilization: Chinese Laborers during WWI and China’s Internationalization.

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