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L'architecture chinoise (collection "Chine culturelle") (version anglaise)

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    Yanxin CAI
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    Art / Culture
  • Prix du livre numérique: $6.2
  • Prix du livre: $110.74
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Some people believe that one can understand a country beginning with its architecture, for architecture is a concentrated life history of human beings, living memories and also a plain language. Traditional Chinese architecture is one of the three major architectural systems in the world, the other two being European architecture and Islamic architecture. Be it a house or a mansion, a palace or a temple, a bridge or a tower… it never fails to show the effects of culture, history, politics, religion and society. Chinese Architecture, with elaborately selected and highly representative ancient Chinese architecture and hundreds of excellent pictures of ancient buildings, gives a vivid introduction to almost all aspects of Chinese architectural art and a detailed explanation of the cultural connotation behind different architectural forms.

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