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Chang'e s'envole vers la lune (Collection du livre d'images sur la mythologie ancienne)(chinois-anglais)

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    DUAN Lixin ; SHEN Hong
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    Literature / Children and youth
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According to legend, there used to be ten suns in the sky. All of the people's lives became extremely difficult. The hero Houyi shot down nine of the ten suns, and everyone's life slowly improved. Everyone was grateful to him, and a hermit monk from the forest gave Houyi two divine pills. However, Houyi's student called Peng Meng would like to steal the divine pills. Houyi's wife Chang'e swallowed the divine pills to stop Peng Meng, but since then, she had to live in the moon forever. This series is four color printing. The beautiful pictures and simple words make this series prefect for Chinese and overseas children's reading.

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