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L'oiseau Jingwei tente de remplir la mer avec des pierres (série des livres en images des légendes antiques)(chinois-anglais)

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    DUAN Lixin ; SHEN Hong
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    Children and youth / Literature
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Emperor Yan had a daughter called Nü Wa, who was swallowed by the merciless ocean when she went out to sea. Jingwei hated the ocean for taking her life. Her soul turned into a little bird. She vowed to fill up the ocean, so she took small pieces of stone or small branches and threw them into the sea without stopping. Jingwei continued her actions to fill up the ocean. Even today, we can still see the little “Jingwei bird” continue its tireless work throwing stones and branches into the sea. This series is four color printing. The beautiful pictures and simple words make this series prefect for Chinese and overseas children's reading.

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