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101 questions sur comment comprendre les Chinois (collection du livre des échanges culturels entre la Chine et l’étranger) (version allemande)

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    Yi SHEN; Binghong AI
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Read all about it — the wacky and wild side of China, that is. China Daily, the country’s national Englishlanguage newspaper, compiles the zaniest, funniest and most thoughtprovoking Hotpot columns from its Life section in 101 Silly Tales from Cheerful China. The true stories told in these Hotpots serve as melting pots for cross- and sometimes crisscrossedcultural communications among those who get up to funny business in the world’s fastest growing economy. Meet the woman named Duckmonster, learn about the mechanics of belly radiators and giggle about grabby cabbies that tickle their passengers — and oh so much more of the best of the bizarre and worst of the wonky. Indeed, it’s a crazy cast of Chinese characters and funny foreigners that make reading these English-language columns eyebrow-raising, jaw-dropping joviality. 101 Silly Tales from Cheerful China brings the lighter side of life in the Middle Kingdom to center stage, featuring close encounters of the weird kind, odd observations and magic moments as narrated by some of the premier Englishlanguage writers in the country. Mostly amusing, but with a touch of the touching, the best Hotpots have been boiled down to create 101 Silly Tales from Cheerful China. These writings offer all of the ingredients needed to satisfy your appetite for the spice of life in one heck of a crazy country, a place where the incredible becomes ordinary, the ordinary becomes incredible and ordinary happenings can be incredibly funny.

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