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XIN Qiji (collection des plus grands poèmes classiques chinois)(chinois simplifié)

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    Zhongmei LIU
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[Chinese Classical Poetry Appreciation Book Series] This is a set of 31 books aiming to introduce the most influential poets in the Chinese Literature and their representative works. Each book is in two parts (the biography of the poet and the appreciation of his/her works) and the appreciation of each poem is in three parts (explanatory notes on the title and background, translation and analysis of the poem sentence by sentence, and comments on thecharacteristics of the poem). This arrangement is different from its counterparts which only have foot notes on certain sentences, it helps readers gain a better understanding of the poet's thinking, artistic features and writing skills.To express the aura of the poems, each poem is accompanied with a traditional Chinese painting, and many paintings were created by famous artists. This book series looks at the cultural value of ancient poetry from multiple angles, such as literature, arts and history. The readers can acquire knowledge in multiple aspects and increase their capability of artistic appreciation.

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