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Dialogue avec le monde : la vie d'escargot de Minhong Yu ( Collection "biographies des businessmen") (version anglaise)

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    Liang Guo
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    Biography & Memoirs
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More than 70 percent of Chinese studying overseas regard Yu Minhong as their teacher. Through his set-backs and achievements, Yu has earned himself plenty of titles:"an entrepreneur who shines like a beacon", "business hero", "an abecedarian of life", "richest teacher in China", and many more. But behind such accolades, what is the real Yu like? In reality, Yu is neither glittering nor glorious. An honest man, he plowed the fields, taught countryside students, hesitated with his first love. But he has an iron resolve: he never gives up. He failed the national college entrance exam twice; he lost a decent job, but he created his own business. Like a snail, Yu climbs on, with patience and perseverance, overcoming all obstacles along the way.

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