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Comment les Chinois prennent soin d'eux? (version espagnole)

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    Youzheng WANG
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    Health & Medical
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What Chinese do to Stay Healthy? This is not just a book title, but also a question confusing a great many foreigners. With the deepening exchanges between China and other countries, more and more foreigners are interested in traditional Chinese medicine In the long development course of civilization, for over 5,000 years, Chinese has developed a special and unique system of medicine, and lived and developed under its guide. This book is intended to introduce Chinese way of health care in an easy and straightforward way. It outlines the development process of traditional Chinese medicine by narrating the interviews of over ten experts in this field. In addition, it introduces useful health care techniques such as diet therapy, acupressure, etc., which will certainly be very helpful for you to know the culture of traditional Chinese medicine.

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