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La porcelaine chinoise (collection "artisanal folklorique chinois")(version allemande)

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    Mao MAO
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    Art / Culture
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Ceramic products are not only an important cultural heritage of human civilization; they are still very much a part of everyone's lives, and in a very lively and colorful way. A beautifully crafted and tastefully formed ceramics piece not only is a fruit of the technology and craft of its times, it also records the bits of history and life. Sometimes, it can even carry paintings, poetry, calligraphy, sculpture all on its tiny body; or serve as medium of information for society. A piece of ceramic ware can transcend its identity, and be a collection of the old and the new, Chinese and foreign, wholly and partial, science and aesthetics all in one; its value far exceeds its exquisite form and beautiful glaze. It is concept of "tangible objects reveal more than the material.

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