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La littérature chinoise (collection "Chine culturelle") (version arabe)

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    Dan YAO
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“Literature is a mirror reflecting the history and society,” and Chinese literature is doubtlessly the best possible angle of observation to reflect on and reveal the unique connotation of Chinese culture. This book, intending to introduce and popularize the knowledge of Chinese literature, is a history of literature describing the developing process of Chinese literature. The author, however, out of her own literary experience and based on the topic of “Chinese culture”, has sifted and selected the literary works and litterateurs of different eras that had influenced Chinese culture and social life. It is her unique angles of observation and distinct personal characteristics that have made the book stand out and fully demonstrated the literary insights and appreciation taste of the author himself. The comments are brief and to the point; the analyses are simple yet profound; the works are well selected and the whole book provides innovative ideas and plenty of personality.

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