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Le nouveau développement de la Chine en 2013 (Dossier spécial: la situation chinoise) (version chinoise)

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    Centre d'informations du Centre de recherches sur le developpement du Conseil des affaires d'État
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    Social sciences / Business & Management
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2013 is a year when notable achievements were made in China’s reform, opening up and modernization. To give readers a clear and comprehensive understanding of the course of China’s development in 2013 and hot topics, we proceed from the six areas of financial development, social management, education, scientific research, culture and sports, resources and environment, development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and ensuring the people’s wellbeing to concisely and objectively introduce China’s development in various fields in 2013 and basic hot topics on the basis of systematically analyzing the complete picture of China’s development in 2013. We try to enable readers of this book to have a clear view of the path of China’s development in the past year.

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