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Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House, found in Dec. 1952, was the first professional juvenile publishing house in China. Now we have 9 book-editorial offices which publish 800 kinds of books every year, 8 magazines and 2 weekly publications. The quality and characteristics are the life of books. We always put the aim of publishing more innovative and excellent brand books in the first place. Our books such as 365 Stories for the Nights; the Five-thousand- year’s History of China; SanMao, the Big World; Big-head Son and Small Head Father have won the National Book Award. Baby Host and Boy JiaLi have won the “five number one project ·a fantastic book award”; 100,000 Questions has won the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Shanghai and Second prize of national scientific and technological progress, and the universal edition in the new century has won the first Chinese Government Award for the publication. We make full use of the press resources, shape the whole brand image of the press by mergers and optimized combination. Our magazines Juvenile literature, Children, Giants, the Kingdom of Story etc. are the 100 key social science journals of the nation. The storytelling competition for National children, which was launched by the Kingdom of Story, has been successfully held for eighteen years, enriches the spiritual life of children and trains their speech skills. Founded by Youth Science and Technology News, the "Golden Key" technology activities, was praise by the China's organizing committee for six successful times as an important event of "International Science and Peace Week" and had won the International Science and Peace Contribution Award. Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House pays much attention to the exchange with the world and, made an important contribution to the export and import of book copyright. Since 1979, the export of Precious Boat’s copyright to Japanese, we have export more than 800 kinds of copyright to overseas in the past three decades. We won the first place for exporting the largest number of book copyright for eight years; the prize was initiated and hosted by the Department of Press and Publication and National Copyright Administration, and Shanghai Press and Publication Administration. Meanwhile, we introduce excellent books from the world to Chinese children, such as Peter Pan, Peter Pan in Scarlet, Elmer(Mckee,D.) , Where is my Hand?(AKIKO HAYASHI), I’ll Wipe It off(AKIKO HAYASHI), ”Toddle, My Shoes!” (AKIKO HAYASHI), ”Hello , Moon” (AKIKO HAYASHI),Romeo and Juliet(Marine D’Antibes),Hamlet(Christopher Durual),The Merchant of Venice(Dusan Kallay),Macbeth(Constantino Gatagan),Othello(Benoit Chieux),King Lear(Agnes Indre),A Midsummer Night’s Dream(Dusan Kallay),etc. Besides its own development, Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House has actively participated in a variety of social assistance and welfare activities, in order to commit its social responsibility and care for the community.


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