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Shandong Publishing House of Literature and Art was established in April 1984, led by Shandong General Publishing House. Our publications include Chinese modern and contemporary works, theoretic and critical monographs, as well as Chinese ancient works and excellent foreign works in literature and art. Basing ourselves upon the arrangement and spread of human culture, we have published a vast amount of classical works of China and foreign countries, striving for the historic culture project. We also pay attention to develop new forces of writing in order to promote the development of youth literature. We had cooperated with Chinese Teacher Newspaper, publishing the series of Education and Discovery. In the recent years, we have been paying attention to original works as well as the arrangement, accumulation and spread of existing cultural achievement. We are working on The Grand Dictionary of Beijing Opera, which had the assistance of National Publishing Fund. In addition, we have made rapid development in the importation of copyright. Books from the USA, Germany, Japan and many other countries have been imported and published in the recent years. During the 29 years since established, we have published about 4,000 kinds of books, and issued more than 80,000,000 copies. More than 100 books gained many prizes awarded by our country and province. About 20 books were adapted into movies or teleplays such as “the Great Judge”, “A Large Dyehouse” and so on. “Children’s Literature Course” and “China Modern Prose History” were appointed to be high school text books by the National Ministry of Education.


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