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Hubei Science and Technology Publishing Company Limited was established in 1982 based on the approval of Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China. It is a diversified press which features science and technology publishing and now belongs to Yangtze River Publishing Media Group Co. Ltd.(Stock Code:600757).It has won the titles of "The National Excellent Popularization of Science Press", "The National Publishing Advanced Unit Service in ‘Three Rural Issues", The Civilized Unit of Hubei Province and "The Star Enterprise on Accounting Work of Hubei Province" and so on. Hubei Science and Technology Publishing Company Limited always adheres to the tenet of "Disseminating scientific knowledge, Popularizing advanced technology, carrying forward traditional culture and improving national quality "and the creeds of "Raising flag of science, meanwhile doing professional publishing". According to the press'30-year history, "Serving for Hubei and facing the domestic and international markets", it had published over 10,000 kinds of publications, including academic monographs, colleges and Primary and Secondary schools' text books, books on popular science. And now it keeps publishing over 600 sorts of publications each year, covering Engineering Science, Agriculture, Medical and Health, Science Education, the Popularization of Science, Economic Management, Physical Training and Life, etc. Since our press was established, we have always been bold in exploration and blazing new trails. And now it has achieved numerous "No.1"among so many presses in our province: the FIRST one that realized" All-Round Accomplishment" of the three top national book award; the FIRST one that developed foreign cooperation projects; the FIRST one that carried out independent management; the FIRST one that founded the Local Editorial Offices; the FIRST one that pushed ahead with "Target Management Responsibility System"; the FIRST one that undertook the National Professional Press Book Fair; the FIRST one that offered financial awards to the outstanding employees; the FIRST one that won "The Most Creative Website" of the national presses, and so on. During the period of "The 12th Five-Year Plan", in order to adapt to the new market environment, after careful planning and reasonable layout, our press' business is divided into five sections: Medical and Health, Life, Higher Education and Vocational Education, Popularization of Science. Meanwhile, our press founded 4 branches: Culture and Education Branch, Medical and Health Branch, Xiangyang Branch and Jingzhou Branch. Our press has the excellent marketing team, strong sales network and perfect marketing service and ensures timely publication covering the markets throughout the country. Publication is an important part of the cultural industry. We are both producer of publications and also servant of publishing needs and it is our bounden duty to provide excellent publishing service. In recent years, our Publishing House introduced a large number of books suitable to be "marched out", such as Records of Succulent Plants, China Science Prize Books Collection Series, Leveled Reading Series about Popular Science for Chinese Adults, Morning Exercise Series in Community (QRcodebook),What's Wrong with the Quality of Chinese Products, Changjiang Science and Technology Library, Appreciation of the Four Classics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Selected Series on Traditional Effective Prescriptions for Disease Elimination and Health Maintenance Recipes(medicinal tea, medicinal liquor, medicinal vinegar, medicinal gruel, medicinal fruit, medicinal honey),A Complete and Practical Collection of Diagnosis and Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Into Lands of Longevity, etc. Your Communications with us are welcomed. We look forward to cooperation with people from all walks of life for more and better books so that we can make a contribution to spreading Chinese culture and promoting international communication!


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