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Located in Cuilin, a city famed for her top scenery in the world, Guangxi Normal University Press was founded in November 18, 1986. Since she was built, the Press conscientiously implements all kinds of national publication guidelines and policies in publishing textbooks, teaching reference books and academic monographs for all kinds of schools at all levels. Abiding by the purpose of serving the teaching and researches of colleges, the Press has published more than 2 000 sorts of college textbooks and academic monographs for Guangxi Normal University and other domestic institutions and colleges, providing a larger number of subsidies for more than 40 000 000 RMB. All these effectively promote the teaching and scientific research in the university as well as in the local regions. Established more than 23 years ago, the Press has published more than 8 000 book varieties, reissued and reprinted more than 15 000 sorts, with a total print run of more than 1 billion volumes. Up to December 2008, Guangxi Normal University Press has become a leading integrated press in Guangxi with total assets of 3.5 billion yuan, annual sales of 6.2 billion yuan, handed-over profits and taxes of 2.88 billion yuan, turning over to schools more than 1.2 billion yuan. In the assessment organized by the publication related organizations, the comprehensive strength of the Press lists in the top ten university presses and ranks the first in all local university presses. The Press owns four subordinate enterprises : Guangxi Normal University Magazine Press (five magazines: Composition King, English Cool Kids, Math King, New Marketing, Citizens ) , Guangxi Normal University Printing House, Guangxi Normal University Book Store and Guilin BBT Electronic and Audio Visual Press.And the Press also owns six holding companies: Beijing BBT Publishing Consultant Co.,Ltd., Guangzhou BBT Cultural Communication Co.,Ltd., Nanjing BBT Publishing Consultant Co.,Ltd., Guangxi BBT Cultural Communication Co.,Ltd., Shanghai BBT Cultural Communication Co.,Ltd., Guilin Duxiu Jintu Book Co.,Ltd. The total number of the staff is more than 700. On this basis, June 28th, 2009, Guangxi Normal University Press Group was established and the original Guangxi Normal University Press has been restructured for Guangxi Normal University Press Co.,Ltd. The Press persists on the coordinated development of economic and social benefit. It won lots of awards: three China National Book Prizes, three China National Book Nomination Prizes, two “Five-one” Prizes awarded by the Publicity Chief of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, two China Outstanding Publications Prizes. It has been named “the outstanding enterprise on college textbook management” and “Outstanding University Press” by the National Ministry of Education. The General Administration of Press and Publication of the PRC (the GAPP) awarded the Press for “Superior Press” and “Advanced Publisher. In the national appraisals of printing quality organized by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the PRC, the Press has been the winner of silver and bronze prizes for seven consecutive years as the top eight high-quality-printing domestic presses. The Press also won lots of prizes for its book cover design. In the 6th National University Press Book Cover Design Award in 2006, the Press won the largest number of prizes in all participating presses. In the 1st China Government Publication Award in 2008 , the Press was one of the biggest winner with “Advanced Press Award”, “Outstanding Publisher Award”, ”Book Design Award” and “Printing Award”. Three staffs was elected “National Top 100 Publisher”. Recent years, the Guangxi Normal University Press has published a batch of books with high level, high grade and high quality, which has won a very good reputation in the domestic and foreign academic circles, like Marx - Weber Collection, Athena Cogitation Translations, Wen Gu Series, Qian Mu Work Series, the University Cultural Reading Series, the Cross Century's Study of Humanities Saves, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Series , Chinese Thoughts Academic History, the philosophy and Society Science Development Report for Chinese Universities(1978-2008) and so on. These outstanding works have obtained the readers and the publishing colleague's widespread approval, and have been paid high attention in the academic circles. The previous dynasties’ rare and precious literatures published by Guangxi Normal University Press have already formed the brand in domestic, like Chinese Ming Dynasty File Confluence, China(1912-1949)Historical Data Edited , American Harvard University Harvard Yanjing Library Chinese Books Collection,USA Governmental Decrypt Files and so on, which have aroused the global academic' interest. The Press has won the praises of the scholars and readers for its elegant publications and humanities spirit. Mr. Lei Yi, the modern history researcher of Chinese Academy of Social Science, said,“Guangxi Normal University has become a common homeland of academia and intelligentsia.” The culture and education books published by Guangxi Normal University Press also hold a big market share in the market, which is one of the brands that welcomed by readers, have a widespread market approval, and have been accepted by a large number of elementary and middle school students in China, enjoying famous brand effect. Now, we are putting more energy and fund to the educational publishing, positively joining the edit of New Curriculum StandardsIn High School text books and having obtained some result. We will try to make new brand for the revolution of the New Curriculum StandardsIn High School in the New Curriculum Standards age. With the unity, efficiency, diligence and innovation, 700 staffs of Guangxi Normal University Press Group are cherishing lofty aspiration to promote the outstanding achievement of civilization and advanced culture both at home and abroad.


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