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Changjiang Press Group Beijing Center for the Book (Beijing Changjiang New Century Culture and Media Ltd.), found in May 2006,whose predecessor is Changjiang Literature Press Beijing Center for the Book established in April 2003, is an affiliated group of Hubei Changjiang Press Group. The center provides bestsellers to the market under the new management guidance and mechanism, and develops the market in step by step, improving the effiencicy, productivity, prifit of the content industry operation, and trying to achieve cross-meida content development, including video electronic product, digital product, print product (books, and magzines), to set up a new operation model for the development of the industry. At presetn, 50 people work at the center. We have published and released more than 400 books with the total of 1.5 billion yuan, i.e. about 200,000 books are sold each. We have one of the best author team, pulishing the books like The Wolf Torem , Are You Happy ?, Fiction and Fact , I Give You My Youth , Romantic Life , Beiping on Fire , Meet Our Hearts , Zeng Zimo , The Source of Happiness , I am Your Son , One Sentence Equivalent to 10,000 ones , A New Madmans Diary , Wisdom of Tolerance , Guidance to investor , Snail House , To Check if You Are Healthy From Head to Feet , Cry me a Sad River , and Tiny Times . Many books published by us have won a lot of awards, such as, One Sentence Equivalent to 10,000 ones won the Eighth Mao Dun Literature Awards; I am Liu Yuejin won the Contemporay Literature Prize in 2007 and is credited as one of the bese literature work by many medias, such as Asiaweek; The Wolf Torem won the Novel Honorable Mention in 2004 and the First Man Asian Literary Prize; Cover won the Best Character Awards in the Forth National Detective Novel Contest; No way for Regret won the Finctionist Awards in the Fifth Chinese Literature Media Contest; Beiping on Fire and Sign are selected in the list of Sina Books Billboard, I Give You My Youth written by Feng Xiaogang is rated as the most valuable biographies and non-fiction in 2003; My World My Dream written by Yao Ming is rated as the Top 100 Youth Reading in 2006; Tell Your Kids: They Are the Best! and To Check if You Are Healthy From Head to Feet have been sold more than 600,000 copies in two monthes since they are avaliable in market in Agugust 2008, which are credited as the annual top 10 most marketable books. Changjiag Literature Press stands at first in terms of its market share in the lieterure market in China from 2007 to 2012 according to the survey conducted by Kaijuan company, a market research institution in book industry.


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