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Cent oiseaux rendent leur hommage au phénix (série des livres en images des légendes antiques)(chinois-anglais)

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    DUAN Lixin ; SHEN Hong
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    Literature / Children and youth
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In the beginning of Yellow Emperor's enthronement, people lived and worked in peace and contentment under his good governance. He really wished that he could see the phoenix which stands for auspicious. His minister called Tianlao told him a story about the phoenix had a duel with Bifang for rescuing hundreds of birds to let him understand the theory of in time of peace prepare for war. Therefore, Yellow Emperor became more diligent. An era of peace and stable prosperity had arrived. And at last, the phoenix really appeared. This series is four color printing. The beautiful pictures and simple words make this series prefect for Chinese and overseas children's reading.

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