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L’Art tibétain (collection de la situation générale du Tibet)(version anglaise)

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    Wenbin XIONG
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Tibetan Arts: one of the Tibet Basics Series. The Tibet Basics Series consists of different volumes, including Tibetan Geography, Tibetan Literature, Tibetan Arts, Tibetan Economy, Tibetan Education, Tibetan History, Tibetan Religions, Tibetan Tourism, and Tibetan Stories, providing brief introductions to different aspects in Tibet respectively. Tibetan Religions (German edition), in color printing, has around 60,000 words and 100~180 pictures. The book has Chinese, English, French, German, and Tibetan versions. Tibetan Arts describes the glory of arts: the huge golden temples near the mountains, the colorful and wonderful frescos, sculptures and Thang-ga (a kind of scroll painting) in the Buddha-halls, vital songs and dances on the vast grassland, etc., which are scattered everywhere in Tibet: in relatively densely populated towns and villages, deserted grassland, lofty mountains and high ranges, and green rippling lake. In a word, none of the places where people from the plateau once lived are not left with hints of their wisdom. They are the most direct representation of Tibetan culture to some extent. Tibetan arts boasts a history of about 5,000 years for its formation and development. Prehistoric art and the primitive religion Bonism are closely linked with each other. Later, the development of Tibetan arts is mainly related with Tibetan Buddhism, with conspicuous ethnical and local features.

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