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Sélection de nouvelles du Shaanxi (collection Anthologie de la littérature contemporaine chinoise) (version espagnole)

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    L'Association des écrivains du Shaanxi
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Old Land, New Tales(Classies of Modern Chinese Literature Series)(Spanish edition): As the spiritual secret history of a nation, literature, especially novels, could only find its spiritual value through communication and collisions. This kind of value not only belongs to a nation but also the civilized society of the whole human beings. Fortunately, after the implementation of Reform and Open policy of China, this kind of introduction and communication has been accelerated greatly. And works of many Chinese writers are translated into all kinds of languages, which makes worldwide readers gradually come to understand the Chinese nation, and appreciate Chinese novels and arts. Ever since a long time ago, Shaanxi writers are of great importance to Chinese literature, especially Chinese local literature. It should be said that the twenty novels selected in the book represent the standard and style of contemporary writers on this old but civilized land-Shaanxi. Nearly all of the writers are winners of national literature awards (such as Mao Dun Literature Award, Lu Xun Literature Award, Bing Xin Literature Award and Stallion Award for minority nationality). From this perspective, the works also reflect the development tendency and general level of present literary creation in China. We hope the works of these writers will become popular among readers in the English-speaking world.

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