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Histories Entre La Chine Et La Suisse

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    Xu Yingzhi
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    Social sciences
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There are 25 authors in this book, including 7 Swiss friends. Among the Chinese authors, there are ambassadors, counselors, consul generals, secretaries and other diplomatic officials who have worked in the Chinese embassy and consulate general in Switzerland for a long time at different times; there are also journalists, representatives of sister cities, sister schools, and representatives of overseas Chinese and former students. The participation of the Swedish author has become a highlight of the book. They are: the former Swiss ambassador to China, the chairman and vice-chairman of the Swiss-Chinese Association, the former principal of the Friendship School, the experts who have worked in China for many years, and the representatives of companies involved in Sino-Swiss technical cooperation in the new era. They are all participants and witnesses who have built the friendly relationship between China and Switzerland for more than half a century. The stories they wrote are detailed, vivid and touching, with photos, which are quite readable and interesting. .

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